Procedural Discipline

Ensuring that personnel consistently adhere to defined well control procedures that are clear, correct and easily understandable. Ensure that personnel think before acting, and if a better way is identified, it is reviewed, vetted and approved by the author of the original procedure before a change is made. Finally, ensure that procedural discipline can be measured, recorded and reported.

Procedural discipline requires:

  1. A defined set of well control procedures that are agreed to by all stakeholders, including bridging documents between drilling contractors, operators and service providers that address well control procedures
  2. Training of personnel on those procedures, and periodic reinforcement of that training
  3. Worksite availability of procedures via printed or electronic means
  4. Management awareness and correction of personnel when they deviate from procedures
  5. Management investigation and correction of the source of procedural deviations
  6. Management of Change process for procedures, including updating printed or electronic procedures.

Source: Well Control Institute. Well Control Institute

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