Qualified Crane Operator

A person who performs the act or process of raising or lowering a load using a mechanical or nonmechanical crane.

Source: API RP 2D, Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes, Seventh Edition, December 2014. Global Standards

Qualified Crane Operator

A person so designated by the employer who has appropriate offshore experience and training. Such appropriate experience and training must comprise minimum amounts of classroom-type sessions and hands-on field training, on cranes specific to the type of crane to be operated by the qualifying Crane Operator. These minimum requirements are outlined in detail in 3.1.2 and Appendix A1, Crane Operator Training. This RP should be followed to qualify Crane Operators of two crane types: 1) operation of non-mechanical cranes and/or 2) operation of mechanical cranes (those with freefall capability). With this minimum training, qualifying Crane Operators should be qualified to safely operate the crane(s) on which they have been trained. Also, with this minimum training, the qualifying Crane Operator should also be sufficiently qualified to perform the crane inspections outlined in 4.1.2, with the exception of the Initial, Quarterly, and Annual Inspections. Crane Operators will remain qualified to operate the cranes on which they have been trained, provided they successfully complete the refresher training requirements outlined in 3.1.2d.

Source: API RP 2D, Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes, Sixth Edition, May 2007. Global Standards

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