Qualified Inspector

A person so designated by the employer who by reason of appropriate experience and training, has successfully completed classroom-type training on crane maintenance and troubleshooting; on hoist troubleshooting and overhaul; and on the structural aspects of offshore cranes, which gives a knowledge of structurally critical components and critical inspection areas. These minimum training requirements are outlined in Appendix A2. Additionally, individuals recognized by regulatory authorities (“Authorized Surveyors” or “certifying authorities”) may conduct inspections of cranes pursuant to this edition, provided they meet the requirements of Appendix A2. With successful completion of this minimum training supplemented with requalification at a minimum of every four (4) years, the inspector is considered qualified to perform the Initial, Pre-use, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Inspections. The scope of these inspections is outlined in 4.1.2. It is not a requirement for a Qualified Inspector to also be a Qualified Crane Operator. However, a Qualified Inspector is not a Qualified Crane Operator unless they have also completed the requirements of a Qualified Crane Operator (see 3.1.2), including the physical outlined in 3.1.2b and Appendix A1.

Source: API RP 2D, Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes, Sixth Edition, May 2007. Global Standards


Qualified Inspector

An inspector as defined in the Unfired Pressure Safety Orders, and who holds a valid certificate of competency issued by the Division.

Source: Petroleum Safety Orders–Drilling and Production, Definitions, California Code of Regulations, 8 CCR § 6505, December 2012. Regulations


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