Repair (Pressure Vessel)

A repair is any work necessary to restore a pressure vessel to a safe operating condition, provided there is no deviation from the original design. Examples of repair include:

  1. Weld repair or replacement of pressure retaining parts or attachments that have failed in a weld or in the base material;
  2. Addition of welded attachments to pressure parts;
  3. Replacement of pressure retaining parts identical or equivalent to those existing on the pressure vessel and described in the original ASME Manufacturer’s Data Report;
  4. Replacement or addition of a nozzle where reinforcement is not required to be considered by the code under which the vessel was constructed;
  5. The addition of a nozzle where reinforcement is a consideration provided the nozzle is identical or equivalent to the one in the original design and located in a similar part of the vessel;
  6. Repairs of base material by weld overlay;
  7. Repair or replacement of a pressure part with an ASME Code accepted material that has a nominal chemical composition and strength equivalent to the original material and is suitable for the intended service.

Source: Petroleum Safety Orders–Drilling and Production, Definitions, California Code of Regulations, 8 CCR § 6505, December 2012. Regulations


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