Responsible Party

Person, business, or entity that has been identified as owning the vessel or facility that caused the spill.

NOTE The term does not imply criminal negligence.

Source: API RP 98, Personal Protective Equipment Selection for Oil Spill Responders, First Edition, August 2013. Global Standards

Responsible Party

Plan―any submittal made in accordance with R.S. 30:29 and these rules for the evaluation or remediation of an affected tract as defined herein.

Source: Natural Resources, Office of Conservation – General Operations, Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 43, Part XIX, March 2013. Regulations


Responsible Party

The operator and others participating in activities covered by these regulations, without being a licensee or owner of an onshore facility.

Source: Regulations relating to health, safety and the environment in the petroleum activities and at certain onshore facilities (the Framework Regulations), Norway, February 2010 (amended December 2011). Regulations


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