“Reuse” is the introduction (or reintroduction) into an industrial, manufacturing, or disposal process of a material which would otherwise be classified as a deleterious substance. A material will be considered “used or reused” if it is either:

  1. Employed as an ingredient (including use as an intermediate) in an industrial, manufacturing, or disposal process to make or recover a product.
  2. Employed in a particular function or application as an effective substitute for a commercial product or non-deleterious substance.

Source: Corporation Commission, Oil and Gas Conservation, Oklahoma Administrative Code 165:10, February 2013. Regulations



Reuse means the activity of recovering components and materials for further use without reprocessing.

Source: Resolution MEPC.219(63), 2012 Guidelines for the Implementation of MARPOL Annex V, 2 March 2012, International Maritime Organization. Regulatory Guidance



To employ hazardous waste as an ingredient in an industrial process to make a product (other than recovery of distinct components of hazardous waste as separate end products) or effective substitution of hazardous waste for a commercial product used in a particular function or application.

Source: Oil and Gas Division, Texas Administrative Code, Title 16, Chapter 3, February 2013. Regulations

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