S-N Curve

Quantitative relationship between the fatigue stress, S, and the number of cycles, N, corresponding to a specific probability of failure for a detail, derived from test data.

Source: API Technical Report 17TR7, Verification and Validation of Subsea Connectors, First Edition, April 2017. Global Standards

S-N Curve

A plot of stress range (S) against the number of cycles (N) to failure obtained by cycling specimens to failure.

Source: API Standard 2RD, Dynamic Risers for Floating Production Systems, Second Edition, September 2013. Global Standards

S-N Curve

Graphical presentation of the dependence of fatigue life, N, on fatigue strength, S. NOTE It is also known as the Wöhler curve.

Source: API RP 17G, Recommended Practice for Completion/Workover Risers, Second Edition, July 2006 (Reaffirmed April 2011). Global Standards

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