Safety Integrity

ability of a safety instrumented system to perform the required safety instrumented functions as and

when required

Note 1 to entry: This definition is equivalent to the dependability of the SIS (Safety Instrumented System) with

regard to the required safety instrumented function. Dependability, being often understood as an economical

rather a safety concept, has not been used to avoid confusion.

Note 2 to entry: The term “integrity” is used to point out that a SIS aims to protect the integrity of the operators

as well as of the process and its related equipment from hazardous events.

Source: ISO/TR 12489:2013(E), Global Standards


Safety Integrity

The attribute of an information system when it performs its intended function in an unimpaired manner, free from deliberate or inadvertent unauthorized manipulation of the system.

From: CNSSI 4009.

Source: NICCS™ Portal Cybersecurity Lexicon, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies ( as of 11 November 2015, Global Standards

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