Safety Report

A “safety report”, sometimes referred to as a “safety case”, collates all the safety information into one document so that all persons on the installation are aware of the hazards and safety of the installation. It can also be made available to regulatory authorities as evidence of the safe operation of the installation. The report should be continually reviewed and updated.
The safety report should describe:
• The installation, processes and hazardous substances used;
• The hazards and their control;
• The consequences to people and the environment of potential major industrial accidents by means of systematic hazard analysis;
• The organisation of the installation and management of its safety;
• Emergency systems provided to mitigate the consequences of major industrial accidents.

Source: Approved Code of Practice for Managing Hazards to Prevent Major Industrial Accidents, Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, Department of Labour, New Zealand, July 1994. Regulatory Guidance

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