Safety System

Essential system consisting of a series of sub-systems and performing a series of essential functions (i.e. essential safety functions) preventing the use of the gangway outside its operational limitations (e.g. overload systems, break-away system, automatic release, etc.).

Source: Offshore Gangways, DNVGL-ST-0358, DNV GL, September 2017. Global Standards

Safety System 3.1.6

System which realizes one or more safety functions.

Source: ISO/TR 12489:2013(E). Global Standards


Safety System

A system that realises one or more active safety functions.

Source: Regulations relating to design and outfitting of facilities, etc. in the petroleum activities (the Facilities Regulations), Norway, April 2010 (amended December 2012). Regulations

Source: Regulations Relating to Technical and Operational Matters at Onshore Facilities in the Petroleum Activities, etc. (The Technical and Operational Regulations) Norway, April 2010 (amended December 2010). Regulations

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