Safety Systems

Systems provided on a platform to detect, control, and mitigate hazardous situations.

NOTE Safety systems include gas detection, emergency shutdown, fire protection, and their control systems.

Source:API RP 2EQ, Seismic Design Procedures and Criteria for Offshore Structures, First Edition, November 2014. Global Standards


Safety Systems

Systems, including required utilities, which are provided to prevent, detect/ warn of an accidental event/abnormal conditions and/or mitigate its effects


The following should be considered as safety systems:

— ESD, including blowdown where relevant


— fire and gas detection


— fire-fighting systems

— BOP incl. control system

— safety systems for essential or important services

— safety systems are normally considered as “on-demand” functions.

Source: Rules for Classification – Offshore units, DNVGL-OU-0101, Offshore drilling and support units, DNV GL, July 2015. Global Standards

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