Serious Bodily Injury

‘Serious bodily injury’ means:

  1. head injuries involving concussion, loss of consciousness or other serious consequences;
  2. loss of consciousness as a result of working environment factors;
  3. skeletal injuries, with the exception of simple hairline fractures or fractures of fingers or toes;
  4. injuries to internal organs;
  5. whole or partial amputation of parts of the body;
  6. poisoning with danger of permanent health injury, such as H2S poisoning;
  7. burns or corrosive injuries with full thickness skin injury (third degree) or partial thickness skin injury (second degree) to the face, hands, feet or abdomen, as well as all partial thickness skin injury that covers more than five per cent of the surface of the body;
  8. general cooling (hypothermia);
  9. permanent inability to work.

Source: Guidance Notes on Petroleum and Natural Gas (Safety in Offshore Operations) Rules, 2008, Oil Industry Safety Directorate (India), 2012. Regulatory Guidance

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