“Space” means a permanent or temporary three-dimensional structure or compartment on a ship such as, but not limited to, cargo tanks or holds; pump or engine rooms; storage lockers; tanks containing flammable or combustible liquids, gases, or solids; other rooms; crawl spaces; tunnels (i.e. shaft alleys); or access ways. The atmosphere within a space is the entire volume within its bounds.

Source: Resolution MEPC.210(63), 2012 Guidelines for safe and environmentally sound ship recycling, 2 March 2012, International Maritime Organization. Regulatory Guidance



Spaces are separate compartments such as tanks, pump-rooms, cofferdams and void spaces bounding cargo holds, decks and outer hull.

Source: Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Mobile Offshore Units, Part 1, Regulations, June 2013, Lloyd’s Register, Global Standards



Separate compartments including holds and tanks.

Source: Rules for Classification – Offshore units, DNVGL-OU-0101, Offshore drilling and support units, DNV GL, July 2015. Global Standards

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