Special Load

“Special load” is the collective term for those items of cargo which, due to there nature or value will require special treatment by all personnel during the stages of acceptance, storage, stowage and transportation.
Under the heading of “special load” will fall:
– Dangerous goods.
– Live animals.
– Strongly smelling cargo.
– Human remains.
– Perishable cargo. (Including foodstuffs)
– Valuable cargo.
– Wet cargo.
– Living human organs and blood shipments.
– Spare parts for aircraft that are “AOG” coded.
– Undeveloped film.
All of the above items with the exception of “Valuable cargo” must be entered in the part of the cargo manifest designated “Special load notification to Captain” (NOTOC) Either the operations department of the helicopter operator or the approved dispatcher on an offshore installation or vessel issues this.

Source: NOGEPA Guideline 14, Helideck Operations and Procedures Manual, Netherlands, Version 2, December 2011. Global Standards

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