Special Personnel

“Special personnel” means all persons who are not passengers or members of the crew or children of under one year of age and who are carried on board in connection with the special purpose of that ship or because of special work being carried out aboard that ship. Wherever in this Code the number of special personnel appears as a parameter, it should include the number of passengers carried on board which may not exceed 12.
Special personnel are expected to be able bodied with a fair knowledge of the layout of the ship and to have received some training in safety procedures and the handling of the ship’s safety equipment before leaving port and include the following:

  1. scientists, technicians and expeditionaries on ships engaged in research, non-commercial expeditions and survey;
  2. personnel engaging in training and practical marine experience to develop seafaring skills suitable for a professional career at sea. Such training should be in accordance with a training programme approved by the Administration;
  3. personnel who process the catch of fish, whales or other living resources of the sea on factory ships not engaged in catching;
  4. salvage personnel on salvage ships, cable-laying personnel on cable-laying ships, seismic personnel on seismic survey ships, diving personnel on diving support ships, pipe-laying personnel on pipe layers and crane operating personnel on floating cranes; and
  5. other personnel similar to those referred to in .1 to .4 who, in the opinion of the Administration, may be referred to this group.

Source: IMO Resolution MSC.266(84), Code of Safety for Special Purpose Ships, 2008 (2008 SPS Code), 13 May 2008, International Maritime Organization. Regulatory Guidance


Special Personnel

Special personnel means all persons carried on board a MOU in connection with the special purpose of the MOU or with special work being carried out on the MOU, and who are neither seafarers nor directly or indirectly paying passengers.

Source: IMO Resolution A.1079(28), Recommendations for the Training and Certification of Personnel on Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs), Adopted on 4 December 2013, International Maritime Organization, Regulatory Guidance

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