Special Purpose Pits

SPECIAL PURPOSE PITS shall mean those pits used in oil and gas operations, including pits at natural gas gathering, processing and storage facilities, which constitute:


Blowdown Pits
BLOWDOWN PITS used to collect material resulting from, including but not limited to, the emptying or depressurizing of wells, vessels, or gas gathering systems.

Flare Pits
FLARE PITS used exclusively for flaring gas.

Emergency Pits
EMERGENCY PITS used to contain liquids during an initial phase of emergency response operations related to a spill/release or process upset conditions.

Basic Sediment/Tank Bottom Pits
BASIC SEDIMENT/TANK BOTTOM PITS used to temporarily store or treat the extraneous materials in crude oil which may settle to the bottoms of tanks or production vessels and which may contain residual oil.

Workover Pits
WORKOVER PITS used to contain liquids during the performance of remedial operations on a producing well in an effort to increase production.

Plugging Pits
PLUGGING PITS used for containment of fluids encountered during the plugging process.

Source: Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Practice and Procedure, Code of Colorado Regulations, 2 CCR 404-1, February 2013. Regulations



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