Specified Plant

“Specified plant” means the plant for an installation which is provided—

  1. in compliance with regulations 11(1)(a), 13, 15 and 16 of the PFEER Regulations;
  2. as means required to be provided by regulation 10 of the PFEER Regulations—
  3. for detecting fire; and
  4. for detecting and recording accumulations of flammable gases; and
  5. pursuant to the measures required by regulation 12 of the PFEER Regulations to combat fire and explosion,

except for—

  1. plant which is part of the safety-critical elements for that installation; and
  2. aircraft or equipment to which regulation 18 of the PFEER Regulations applies.

Source: The Offshore Installations (Safety Case) Regulations 2005, UK S.I. 2005/3117, 2005. Regulations

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