Measure of the variance associated with a time-varying variable per unit frequency band and per unit directional sector.

NOTE 1 Spectrum is a shorthand expression for the full and formal name of spectral density function or energy density function.

NOTE 2 The spectral density function is the variance (the mean square) of the time-varying variable concerned in each frequency band and directional sector. Therefore, the spectrum is, in general, written with two arguments: one for the frequency variable and one for a direction variable.

NOTE 3 Within ISO 19901-1, the concept of a spectrum applies to waves, wind turbulence and action effects (responses) that are caused by waves or wind turbulence. For waves, the spectrum is a measure of the energy traversing a given space. [ISO 19901-1:2005, definition 3.33].

Source: API RP 2MET, Derivation of Metocean Design and Operating Conditions, First Edition, November 2014. Global Standards

Source: ISO 19905-1:202, Petroleum and natural gas industries – Site-specific assessment of mobile offshore units – Part 1: Jack-ups. Global Standards

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