Squeeze Cementing

Pumping a cement slurry to a specific point in the wellbore with sufficient pressure to force the cement into the location desired. This pressure will also tend to dehydrate the cement and form a high strength filter cake in perforations, in formation voids or fractures, or against the formation face. The filter cake becomes a barrier which will prevent fluid movement. Squeeze cementing is used to seal completion intervals, to repair casing leaks, to seal formation intervals behind pipe, and to protect fresh water aquifers.

Source: API BULLETIN E3, Environmental Guidance Document: Well Abandonment and Inactive Well Practices for U.S. Exploration and Production Operations, First Edition, January 1993 (Reaffirmed June 2000). Global Standards



Remedial process in which cementing material is forced under pressure into a specific portion of the well such as a fracture or opening.

Source: API RP 10B-2, Recommended Practice for Testing Well Cements, First Edition, July 2005 (Reaffirmed: July 2010). Global Standards

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