A document which establishes, for the purposes of voluntary and repeated utilisation, the characteristics of products, rules of operation and characteristics of processes of design (including survey works), production, construction, installation, adjustment, operation, storage, transportation, sale and reclamation, performance of works or rendering of services. A standard may also contain rules and methods of examination (tests) and measurements, rules of selection of samples, requirements to terms, symbols, packing, marking or labels and rules of affixing them. (as amended by the Federal Law dated 01.05.2007 No. 65-FZ)

Source: Federal Law on Technical Regulation, No. 184-FZ, Russian Federation, December 2002 (amended September 2010). Regulations



Documented requirements, rules or instructions that support company policies in relation to specific activities or to address specific risks, threats or impacts.

Source: IOGP Report No. 510, Operating Management System Framework for controlling risk and delivering high performance in the oil and gas industry, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers, June 2014. Global Standards



“Standard” means a standard which requires conditions, or the adoption or use of one or more practices, means, methods, operations, or processes reasonably necessary or appropriate to provide safe or healthful employment and places of employment in the Oil and Gas Well Drilling Industry.

Source: State of Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Rules and Regulations for Oil and Gas Well Drilling, Revised January 8, 2013. Regulations

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