A procedure for running or pulling pipe from the well bore with pressure in the annulus.

Source: API RP 59, Recommended Practice for Well Control Operations, Second Edition, May 2006. Global Standards



Adding or removing pipe from a pressured wellbore while controlling flow from the wellbore.

Source: API SPEC 16RCD, Specification for Drill Through Equipment—Rotating Control Devices, Upstream Segment, First Edition, February 2005. Global Standards



Adding or removing drill pipe into a live or pressurized well after exceeding pipe light depth.

Source: IADC UBO / MPD Glossary, December 2011. Global Standards



“Stripping” means pulling or running pipe under pressure through a resilient sealing element and may also include the removing of rods and tubing from the well at the same time.
[Mich. Admin. Code R 408 (2013)].

Source: Oil and Gas Drilling and Servicing Operations, Michigan Administrative Code R 408, February 8, 2013. Regulations

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