Substantially Interested State

Substantially interested State means a State:
.1 which is the flag State of a ship involved in a marine casualty or marine incident; or
.2 which is the coastal State involved in a marine casualty or marine incident; or
.3 whose environment was severely or significantly damaged by a marine casualty (including the environment of its waters and territories recognized under international law); or
.4 where the consequences of a marine casualty or marine incident caused, or threatened, serious harm to that State or to artificial islands, installations, or structures over which it is entitled to exercise jurisdiction; or
.5 where, as a result of a marine casualty, nationals of that State lost their lives or received serious injuries; or
.6 that has important information at its disposal that the marine safety investigating State(s) consider useful to the investigation; or
.7 that for some other reason establishes an interest that is considered significant by the marine safety investigating State(s).

Source: IMO Resolution MSC.255(84), Code of the International Standards and Recommended Practices for a Safety Investigation into a Marine Casualty or Marine Incident (Casualty Investigation Code), 16 May 2008, International Maritime Organization. Regulatory Guidance

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