Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

A generic name for a computerized system that is capable of gathering and processing data and applying operational controls to geographically dispersed assets over long distances.

Adapted from: NCSD Glossary, CNSSI 4009.

Source: NICCS™ Portal Cybersecurity Lexicon, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies ( as of 11 November 2015, Global Standards

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Computer and communications system that gathers and analyzes operating data and sends reports to the control center. In addition, the SCADA system carries out commands issued by the operator at the control center.

Source: IADC UBO / MPD Glossary, December 2011. Global Standards


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

A computer-based monitoring and control system that collects, displays, and stores information from remotely located data collection units and sensors to support the control of equipment, devices, and facilities.

Source: Canadian Standards Association, Z246.1-09, Security management for petroleum and natural gas industry systems, August 2009, Regional Standa

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