Survey processing report

Survey processing report means a report that includes:

  1. the name of the survey; and
  2. the title under which the survey was conducted; and
  3. the name of the titleholder; and
  4. the dates on which processing of the survey started and ended; and
  5. the name of the processing contractor; and
  6. the purpose of the processing; and
  7. a summary of the data acquisition parameters; and
  8. details of all the processing sequences and techniques used; and
  9. a sample Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC) header from the final data set; and
  10. listings of all processed data; and
  11. for a 3-dimensional survey:
    1. a description of the position of the survey polygon; and
    2. a calculation for the 3-dimensional line numbering convention.

 Source: Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Resource Management and Administration) Regulations 2011 (Select Legislative Instrument 2011 No. 54 as amended), Australia, prepared on 1 January 2012. Regulations


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