A specific visual or nondestructive examination of one or more platform components.

Source: API RP 2SIM, Structural Integrity Management of Fixed Offshore Structures, First Edition, November 2014. Global Standards


An examination of a piece of equipment or a vessel in accordance with the appropriate Classification Society rules, guides, standards or other criteria of the Classification Society / Certifying Authority or in accordance with other specific standards.  The examination may be required under classification or certification, or requested as a result of damage sustained by the piece of equipment or vessel.

Source: International Association of Drilling Contractors, Appendix 2 to Health, Safety and Environment Case Guidelines for Offshore Drilling Contractors, Issue 3.3.2, February 2010. IADC Guidelines



Signifies a systematic and independent examination of a vessel, materials, components or systems in order to verify compliance with the rules and/or statutory requirements. Surveys will be carried out on the vessel, at the construction or repair site as well as at sub-suppliers and other locations at the discretion of the Society, which also decides the extent and method of control.

Source: Rules for Classification – Offshore units, DNVGL-OU-0101, Offshore drilling and support units, DNV GL, July 2015. Global Standards

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