Sustained casing pressure

pressure in an annulus that

a) rebuilds after having been bled down;

b) is not caused solely by temperature fluctuations; and

c) is not a pressure that has been imposed by the well operator

  • Note 1 to entry: Sustained casing pressure can be present on wells without annular access.

[SOURCE: API RP 90, modified]

Source: ISO 16530-1:2017, Petroleum and natural gas industries — Well integrity – Part 1: Life cycle governance, First Edition, March 2017. Global Standards

Sustained casing pressure (SCP)

Sustained casing pressure (SCP) is defined as pressure in any well annulus that is measurable at the wellhead and rebuilds when bled down, not caused solely by temperature fluctuations or imposed by the operator.

Source: 117 OLF, Norwegian Oil and Gas Association recommended guidelines for Well Integrity, No. 117, Revision No. 4, June 2011. Global Standards

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