Well Examination Scheme

In this regulation, well examination scheme means arrangements for examinations of the well that are—
(a) recorded in writing; and
(b) suitable for ensuring (together with the assistance of any other measures the well operator may take) that the well is designed, constructed, operated, maintained, modified, suspended, and abandoned so that,—
(i) so far as is reasonably practicable, there can be no unplanned escape of fluids from the well; and
(ii) risks to the health and safety of persons from the well or anything in it, or from strata to which the well is connected, are as low as is reasonably practicable; and
(c) conducted by an independent and competent person.

Source: Health and Safety in Employment (Petroleum Exploration and Extraction) Regulations 2013, SR 2013/208, New Zealand, as of May 2013. Regulations

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