Well Integrity

Containment and prevention of the escape of fluids to subterranean formations or surface.

Source: ISO 16530-1:2017, Petroleum and natural gas industries — Well integrity – Part 1: Life cycle governance, First Edition, March 2017. Global Standards

Well Integrity

Application of technical, operational and organizational solutions to reduce risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids throughout the life cycle of a well.

Source: API RP 90, Annular Casing Pressure Management for Offshore Wells, Upstream Segment. First Edition, August 2006. Global Standards

Well Integrity

“Well integrity” means the quality or condition of a well being structurally sound with competent pressure seals by the application of technical and operational solutions that prevent uncontrolled fluid release or migration of annular fluids into protected groundwater throughout the well life cycle.

Source: Division of Mineral Resources Management – Oil and Gas, Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 1501:9, January 2012. Regulations

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