Wire line

A special wire, strand, or wire rope of high strength steel used to convey a tool(s) into a hole (also called “well measuring wire” and “well measuring strand”). An electromechanical cable that is an electrical cable armored with high strength steel wires is also called a wire line.

Source: API RP 54, Recommended Practice for Occupational Safety for Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Operations, Third Edition, August 1999 (2007). Global Standards\


Wire line

“Wire line” means a line that contains a conductor wire and that is used to run survey instruments or other tools in a well (câble).

Source: Canada Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Regulations, SOR/2009-315, February 2013. Regulations

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Source: Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Drilling and Production Regulations, SOR/2009-317, Canada, current to May 31, 2012. Regulations



Intervention using a continuous wire or cable.

Source: NORSOK D-002, Well intervention equipment, Rev. 2, June 2013. Global Standards


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