Work String

Tubular conduit used to convey well test tools downhole and provide a flow path for reservoir fluids to surface.

Source:API SPECIFICATION 19TT, Specification for Downhole Well Test Tools and Related Equipment, First Edition, October 2016. Global Standards

Work String

The drill pipe or tubing used in well workover operations or abandonment operations to perform specific downhole tasks such as running squeeze cementing tools and stimulation packers, as well as performing stimulation, testing, cementing, wellbore cleanout, etc. operations.

Source: API BULLETIN E3, Environmental Guidance Document: Well Abandonment and Inactive Well Practices for U.S. Exploration and Production Operations, First Edition, January 1993 (Reaffirmed June 2000). Global Standards


Work String

Collective term for jointed pipe, coiled tubing and wireline, BHA excluded.

Source: NORSOK D-002, Well intervention equipment, Rev. 2, June 2013. Global Standards

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