Marine Safety Investigation Report

A marine safety investigation report means a report that contains:
.1 a summary outlining the basic facts of the marine casualty or marine incident and stating whether any deaths, injuries or pollution occurred as a result;
.2 the identity of the flag State, owners, operators, the company as identified in the safety management certificate, and the classification society (subject to any national laws concerning privacy);
.3 where relevant the details of the dimensions and engines of any ship involved, together with a description of the crew, work routine and other matters, such as time served on the ship;
.4 a narrative detailing the circumstances of the marine casualty or marine incident;
.5 analysis and comment on the causal factors including any mechanical, human and organizational factors;
.6 a discussion of the marine safety investigation’s findings, including the identification of safety issues, and the marine safety investigation’s conclusions; and
.7 where appropriate, recommendations with a view to preventing future marine casualties and marine incidents.

Source: IMO Resolution MSC.255(84), Code of the International Standards and Recommended Practices for a Safety Investigation into a Marine Casualty or Marine Incident (Casualty Investigation Code), 16 May 2008, International Maritime Organization. Regulatory Guidance

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